July 23, 2024
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अप्पासाहेब रघुनाथराव भाऊराव गरुड कला,वाणिज्य आणि विज्ञान महाविद्यालय, शेंदूर्णी


Shendurni [Dist - Jalgaon]

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Chairman Message

Dear Visitors,

I am trying to reach you through this website in which; we have tried to present a brief profile of our college. In June 1971; we established Garud College. Our Society’s objective to start Garud College was to avail quality education to all; who are desirous of getting it. I also visualized that social transformation can be brought through dynamic & quality education. Garud College thus is an institution of quality education with social commitment.


To choose the right college for you is one of the most important decisions; you will make in your life. I am very happy; that you are considering Garud College, as a place of learning and growth for you. An empowered individual is one; who has the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to succeed. This is something, we understand. Each day at Garud College is spent facilitating and providing our students the tools to succeed in life.

At Garud College, we are trying to give best and up-to-date education and training to our students; which are housed in beautiful building, situated in our spacious campus. The bewitching and tranquil surroundings here are very conducive for learning. Our faculty is motivated and student oriented & we have excellent academic and e-learning facilities. I hope; you will be one of those fortunate students; who would get an admission to our college and I am certain that your life will grow at our campus will be academically fruitful with bright career.

Garud College has a reputation for being quality institution. The college has always believed in value addition, and all tools are employed as a means to that end. The college recognizes its responsibility to provide students with appropriate training ground in all its thrust areas. It also cares to groom every individual in terms of personality development; thus enabling students to walk the path of success. Set amidst acres of greenery, the college utilizes all its natural and human resources to their optimum for the benefit of the students. This sincere effort has been paid off in forms of consistent high university results. The students have brought laurels to the institution in both academic and extracurricular activities at national and international levels.

The achievements like ‘B’ grade from NAAC have aroused interest of the education world. The College has been witness to the rapid change occurring globally and is aware of its local implications. The global phenomenon of change is viewed in its local context to prepare global minds.

My best wishes are with you in all its ventures.


Sanjay B. Garud President